Monday, January 16, 2017

The Sign

I was originally going to go to the Women's March on Washington this Saturday, but when I realized it would require a full twenty-four hour commitment, plus it would mean being in a huge crowd for the entire day and I DO NOT do well in large crowds, I rehomed my ticket.

But!  They are having a March in my town that same day, and that one I WILL be attending.  I can handle a crowd for a few hours, if it means showing my anger at the incoming sh*tstorm.

I have never attended a protest march in my life, but I'm going to this one.  And I want to carry a protest sign.  It may be silly, it may not make a difference, but I feel so helpless in the face of the upcoming administration, I figure doing anything is better than doing nothing.

So!  What should I put on my protest sign?  Ideas welcome!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

save the bees? No one is talking about how the bees are becoming endangered, and saving them is vital to our survival.

rockygrace said...

Oh man, Tails, the only bees that come to mind right now are the House of Evil Bees from Captain Awkward - seems somehow fitting, with a racist, xenophobic, misanthropic sociopath (who keeps assuring us that he is the ONLY ONE who can solve our problems) about to take office.

KJL said...

Got your note and the lovely bookmark :-). I didn't get your email probably because it changed when we moved. The address is my last name, so if you'd resend it. I'll send out a fresh check and am happy to be able to support dedicated people and organizations.

KJL said...

PS: How about "Support the 99%" ?


rockygrace said...

Kris, that's the email address I sent it to - I'll try again. Better yet, here's what I sent, and this way I know you'll get it:

"Kris -

I received your card this afternoon, and to I say I was surprised would be an understatement - I am in awe that someone would be so generous two years in a row! I'm very sorry about the death of your dad - losing a loved one is always so difficult, and to have it happen at holiday time is heartbreaking.

I am with a new rescue now - Every Dog's Dream (they help cats, too!), which is closer to where I live, making it easier for me to do more work at the rescue itself, instead of mainly just fostering kittens at my house. Spending Saturday mornings scooping litterboxes and cleaning cages is a whole 'nother level of volunteering and gives me more insight into the nuts-and-bolts of everyday rescue. Plus it's so GLAMOROUS! hahaha :)

I will mail your check back to you, but if you prefer that it go to Little Mews, that's fine! - They are still active in their community. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 229, Oxford, NY 13830.

If you would like the check to go to Every Dog's Dream (again, they also do cats - they actually are caring for more cats than dogs right now), you can either mail the check to them at Every Dog's Dream c/o Petco, 420 Harry L. Drive, Johnson City, NY 13790 , or just send it to me and I'll drop it off to Audrey, the woman who founded and runs the rescue. I'm sure she would very much appreciate it! Every Dogs Dream takes in many animals the other rescues aren't able to deal with - the old, the sick, and the injured - so as you can imagine, the vet bills are always quite high.

Thank you again for your continued support of animals in need - I'm really touched that someone I've never met would do so much to help the groups I volunteer with. And again, I'm am very sorry for the loss of your father - it must be leaving a big hole in your life right now.

- Wendy"

I'm glad you enjoyed the bookmark, and I like "Support the 99%". Right now I'm in the angry, black paint, "F*ck Trump" stage of my protest sign creating, but hopefully I'll be able to get a grip on myself by Saturday. Ha.

Thanks again. Your help is very much appreciated.

Domestic Kate said...

They might have signs for people to carry, but I just saw this one on Twitter a few seconds before reading this post:

James P. said...

Peeked at FB to see the signs you had made and was infinitely impressed at your skill in fitting the word "embarrassment" perfectly on one without running off the edge. Great signs, but I was hoping to see your humor in at least one.....maybe something like "How Many Muppets Died To Make That Hairpiece???" And, speaking of "hairpieces", we'll find out tomorrow how well his holds up in soggy weather.

Kate, are you talking about the "Nope" sign with a fist image? Perfect.

rockygrace said...

Kate, I like that sign!

And James P., I think I'm too pissed off to be funny, tbh. There might be humor in this situation somewhere, but I'm too wrapped up in the horror right now. :( On the plus side, a friend of mine is going to be marching with me tomorrow, so hopefully she'll be able to keep me from slugging anybody. That, or we'll both end up in jail. :)

James P. said...


James P. said...

PS.........My husband served 22 years in the Army and, predictably, is a life-long, hard core Republican (like his folks). He is just very upset at the outcome of this election. He knows the necessity of having a stable person in a position of leadership, and this isn't happening.

James P. said...

PS........AND....the snotty remarks about John McCain's POW years and the "I'm smarter than the generals" didn't fly well with the military folks.

rockygrace said...

James P., yep, that "I like guys who DIDN'T get captured" comment - Trump is a complete a**hole. And yet, somehow, he's President. F*ck.