Monday, January 09, 2017

Every year, I try to take great photos of the Christmas tree ...

... and every year, I fail.

 Wait wait wait, let me dim the lights a little.  And go in for some close-ups.

Okay, these look a LITTLE better.

 I know - I'll go outside and get some pics of the laser lights!  When snow is falling, it looks like a rave in my front yard!

*sigh*  I'm not any better at getting pics of the lights than I am at getting pics of the tree.  How about the house?

You're just gonna have to trust me, guys.  In real life?  It looks AWESOME.

How about if I take a photo of the tree through the front door?  THAT should be arty:

Welllll ... I guess I should have moved the hibiscus tree on the left, there, outta the way first.

One more time.  I'm going to try ONE MORE TIME to get a great photo of the Christmas tree.

Ahhhhhh.  That's it!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow's post, in which I explain WHY my tree is still up, and how I ended up hearing a delightful rendition of My Melody of Love, sung in Polish.  hahaha this stuff only happens to ME, doesn't it ...


James P. said...

There are several good shots here. Don't your older boys bother the tree at all???

~~Silk said...

The one through the door is very nice. It has a "Welcome Home" feeling.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

low light, long shutter.. and a tripod if need be :)

rockygrace said...

James P., the cats are used to the trees outside, and they know I'm crazy, so I guess they figure that a tree in the house is NBD. There have been near misses, however, when the foster kittens are out romping.

~~Silk, thank you! I have the lights on a timer so they come on just before I get home from work - it *is* homey.

and Tails, thank you for the pro tips!