Monday, July 10, 2017

First Day

Yep, today it was back to work for me.  Today was new employee orientation, which was like deja vu all over again, as I JUST went through it for that OTHER company, but what can I say? At least it was familiar - right down to both companies using the EXACT SAME VIDEO to show how much they care about their clients.  :)  Oh, and at least at THIS orientation, all of the Powerpoint presentations (ugggggh) were playing correctly, unlike at that OTHER place.


And it's not exactly comforting to be one of the oldest people in the room, but on the other hand, when one presenter said that the company received 43,000 job applications every year and hires only 1,000 people, well, that made me feel a little better.

But!  When you consider that the entire company only employs 6,100 people, and they're turning over 1,000 people a year, well ...

best not to think about that.  :)

Oh! But before I forget!  When I got home from work (!) tonight, there was a great surprise in my mailbox - a note from Kris that included a donation for the rescue.  Kris, I have a couple of different email addresses and a couple of different street addresses for you, so I wasn't sure I could get an email OR a thank you note to you, but I wanted to make sure this message gets to you:


I'm sorry about the loss of your friend's father.  And I thank you for your kind donation to the rescue for which I volunteer, it is much appreciated.

And now I'm running out of steam, and it's time for dinner, so I'll check back in soon! 

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KJL said...

It did - thanks! Glad to help. I'll email you the correct address. Here's hoping the new job is a good fit!