Friday, August 19, 2016


Okay, first off, if anybody has any sure-fire kidney stone remedies, I'd be happy to hear them, as the little bastart currently residing in my system really needs to get the old heave-ho, STAT.

Last Sunday, I decided to head out to Salt Springs for a hike up the falls.

Up we go!

View from the top:

The rock masons have been out in full force:

The recent rains have been helpful to the fungi:

At one point I was walking through a field where the vegetation was as high as my head.  Shortly after I snapped this pic I had a sneezing fit.  Gee, I wonder why:

Hopefully I'll be able to back on the trails again soon. 


the queen said...

That is gorgeous. Very sorry about your stones (kidney).

Mama D said...

I look at that field of vegetation and all I think about is ticks!!!! Hope you didn't pick any up while walking there. 😳

~~Silk said...

I keep checking back here hoping someone will come up with something for stones. You have my sympathy, but that's all I have to offer.

rockygrace said...

Mama D. surprisingly the ticks haven't been bad at all this year. Last year they were EVERYWHERE.

And thanks for the kidneystone condolences, guys. I will tell you what, I broke my shoulder once, and it didn't hurt as bad as this does. Sheesh. And it still hasn't passed, so the doc and I are going to have a little convo tomorrow. Ouch.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

those falls are beautiful! You know, I do like a small rock balance pile, and don't even mind a few of them, but that was just crazy..

I hope your dr has something to help you out..