Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Foster Update!

The kittens are six-and-a-half weeks old now (where does the time GO?!) and growing like weeds.  We've had our share of goopy eyes and stuffy noses, but as the kittens get older they become more resilient, and everybody's doing well.

You know how they say that cats sleep for, like, twenty hours a day?  Kittens sleep for twenty MINUTES a day.  It seems that way, anyway:

But when they DO sleep, they sleep HARD:

They're good at cracking each other up:

AND driving each other crazy:

They like to tell spooky stories:

And the size difference between kittens who are (approximately) the same age can be amazing:

But little Jughead, there, continues to make progress in the weight department:

And Rosa wonders, "are they gone yet?":

Soon, Rosa.  Soon.  And then you'll have your peace and quiet back.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Goodness they are adorable!

rockygrace said...

They are! And they're growing so fast! I'm like, slow down, kittens!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I say that Every. Single. Time.

actually, it's all like, hurry up and walk so I can interact with you, and then it is slow down.. :)

rockygrace said...

haha, Tails, I think of the first couple of weeks as the calm before the storm. It's just so peaceful, with mama cat taking care of all their needs, and then all of a sudden they're motoring and all hell breaks loose. :)