Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Week 3 and into Week 4

Guys!  I'm still alive!  Still dog-paddling and keeping my head above water.

And oh my God, the families of the clients tend to bring in baked goods as a thank-you.  Today I had the best blueberry coffeecake I have ever had in my LIFE.  Who needs the right-down-the-hall cafeteria?  haha.

Sorry, I'm still so busy.  Here, have a picture of the current crop of foster kittens:

We have kittens from four different litters represented right there.  It's a Foster Camp United Nations.

Oh!  and a week ago, the area was hit by flooding, and all the permacats, foster kittens, and I had to evacuate at 4 a.m.   Fun! 

Here we are at the local fire station:

I love you guys, I miss you guys, and SOMEDAY I will have this new job under control and will be able to come round to your blogs and see what everybody's up to. 

Please be patient! 


James P. said...

Why is there a gumball machine at a fire station? (Sounds like beginning of a joke or riddle.....)

Also, did all the kitties/carriers go in the police cruiser? How did you get everybody back home?

rockygrace said...

The cops here all drive SUVs, so the cats all fit in the back. And a fireman gave us a ride back home in his SUV, so the cats all fit in there, too.

Oh, and there's a gumball machine AND a soda machine AND a popcorn machine. Those fireman have it made. :)

Random Felines said...

hopefully things will settle in soon....and scary to hear about flooding

Mama D said...

Cheering you on. Glad all is well! :)

Mama D said...

May I make a blog post request? Would love to hear your thoughts on how best to successfully acclimate two rescue kittens (to be permanent residents, not fosters) into a house already containing a dog! Dog is a 55lb female and as far as I know she's never seen a kitten before. Any recommendations as to gender of kittens to choose, also? Thanks!!!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

an evacuation! how scary! I hope there was no damage.

rockygrace said...

Hey Mama D., gender doesn't matter, not as far as I can tell, anyway. Just go slow with introductions and don't leave the dog unsupervised with the kittens until you know how the dog will react. Make sure to give the dog lots of extra praise and attention so she doesn't think she's being replaced. She may even want to mother the kittens, which is not uncommon. And feeding time should be separate until you know the dog is not food-aggressive toward the kittens. Congrats on the new additions - adopting two together is always great bc they can keep each other busy!

Mama D said...

Thank you! Going to look at kittens within the next day or two. :)